Safety Draw Gauge
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This is a brand new concept in strap cutters and we have incorporated all the desirable features of the old standard draw gauges but added several features making this tool the safest and the most user friendly cutter. As you look at the pictures I'd like to point out some of the features - the double bar feature helps hold the leather flat for a smooth even cut, the blade is covered top and bottom leaving only a small area making it safer to use and store, it will cut from about 3 3/4" down to zero making it adaptable for anything from wide strips (stirrup leathers, gun belts, extra wide belts, etc.) down to narrow lacing and everything in between, you can use a wide assortment of blades including utility knife, Xacto, Schick razor blades, scalpels (the hardest thing on using the old style draw gauge was sharpening the blade and keeping it sharp).
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Safety Draw Gauge

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